Before the start of the online class, you need to have your attendance recorded for our reference and for easy follow-up of missed quizzes and activities.  The ATTENDANCE BUTTON can be found in the Welcome page and in your Dashboard.  You can choose where you want to click the Attendance button.



1. Go to and login.

2.  At Welcome page, on the upper left side you will find the ATTEND CLASS button. Click that at start of class.

3.  At the end of the class, you need to click LEAVE CLASS button.  No need to click LEAVE CLASS at lunch time.



2. At Welcome page, click the Dashboard button on the lower left or in the menu.

3. At the Dashboard, click the ATTENDANCE button on the top right.

4. After clicking the Attendance button, the PRESENT popup displays to inform you of the time you logged in for class.

5. When you want to leave the class or after you are done doing something on the site, you click LEAVE CLASS button to log out.

6. After clicking the LEAVE CLASS button, the YOU LEFT THE CLASS popup displays to inform you of the time you logged out from class.

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