Batch 3 Review period: June 10 – July 31, 2020
Schedule: Monday to Friday 4:30-7:30 pm.

Subjects covered: Math, English, Science, Abstract Reasoning

Online live lecture here:
Prodigy Dev Center 2020-B4

– Online live lecture is done from Monday to Friday 4:30-7:30 pm via FB live inside the Batch’s Facebook group.
– Everyday, daily quizzes and skill building activities are done live via and
-The sites can be accessed via laptop, desktop, tablet or cellphone using wifi, cellphone data access or wired internet connection.
– Review is not limited during the class hours only as the websites contain thousands of questions which can be accessed anytime anywhere 24/7.
– Interactive Quiz is also done via to determine if the student is listening to the lecture.
– There is an Online Skill Building Competition where students can win trophies and medals.
– Top Scorers are given medals at the end of the review session.
– It is the most comprehensive review. Batch 2 (Apr-May 2020) reviewees solved a total of 1.38 million questions in just 2 months. Guaranteed learning.


1. He/she joins the Batch 3 reviewees group of Prodigy to watch the live lectures and access instructions.

Join here Prodigy Dev Center 2020-B4

2. He/she will be given usernames and passwords for and Chat the Prodigy FB page to get the usernames and passwords or if you have questions and concerns.

3. He/she logs in to to take assessment quizzes and post DONE the IXL activities finished. He/she waits for instructions given by the teacher on what exams to take in and activities to do in

4. When asked to do IXL activities and assignments, he/she must log in to using the username and password given. The instructions on what IXL topics to do are given during the lecture, posted also in the group and posted in the Welcome page of

Everytime he/she finishes an activity (he/she must get a 100 Smart score in all topics), he/she has to post DONE in the dashboard of (needs to login to post). The rank and points are shown there.

Post here:

The Top Finishers can be viewed here:

Activity Leaderboard

5. is available 24/7. He/She can answer any topic to enhance his/her knowledge and be proficient of the topics. Suggested grade levels to answer are Grade 3 to Grade 8 topics for Math, Science and Language Arts. Further, there is a contest going on for IXL Top Scorers. Top 1 receives a trophy and medal. Other top scorers receives medals also.

Coverage: Math, Science and Language Arts Subjects
from Grades 3,4,5,6,7,8, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry

Point System:
Grade 3 ———- 100 x 1.0 ——- 100 points
Grade 4 ———- 100 x 1.5 ——- 150 points
Grade 5 ———– 100 x 2.0 ——- 200 points
Grade 6 ———– 100 x 2.5 ——- 250 points
Grade 7 ———– 100 x 3.0 ——- 300 points
Grade 8 ———– 100 x 3.0 ——- 300 points
Algebra 1———- 100 x 3.0 ——- 300 points
Algebra 2 ——— 100 x 3.0 —— 300 points
Geometry ———- 100 x 3.0 —— 300 points
Only those topics with 100 smart score are included in the competition.
100 scores in other grade levels not covered above are not considered for computation.

TROPHY ——————— awarded to the Overall Highest Pointer
Triple Gold Medals———– 120,000 points or more
Double Gold Medals ———- 90,000 points – 119,999 points
Gold Medal —————— 60,000 points – 89,999 points
Silver Medal —————- 40,000 points – 59,999 points
Bronze Medal —————- 20,000 points – 39,999 points

6. When asked to answer assessment quizzes, he/she must login then find the Exam Code in the Quiz Section of the Welcome page. Click on the exam and answer. The exam is only 1 take and if ever internet connection was cut-off, you can just refresh the quiz page and it will resume to the last session you were in. Your previous answers are not lost. The rank of the student can be seen in the Rank button on the right. If using mobile, the top scorers of that specific exam can be viewed by tapping the “trophy icon” on the bottom right.

Top scorers of the assessment quizzes can be viewed here:

Quiz Leaderboard

7. Top scorers can be monitored in

Quiz Leaderboard

Activity Leaderboard

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