HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Remember NOT TO CLICK DONE if you have not completed (got 100 Smart Score) all the topics assigned in the activity. 

1. When you are done with all the assigned Skills for the day, meaning, you have score 100 Smart Scores on ALL the assigned topics, you can now post DONE in the dashboard by going to prodigydevcenter.com and login.

2. At Welcome page and click the DASHBOARD button.

3. Once in the Dashboard, click the Skill Building Activity menu.

4. Find the Activity for the day and click UNDONE button for all the items you have 100 Smart Scores.

5. Once the UNDONE button is tapped, you will be prompted to confirm if you really are done with the item. Click YES if you are done. The button now becomes DONE.

6. If you have tapped all the items done, the system prompts you that you are awesome for a job well done.  Then, you will see your rank among the list of finishers in your class.

7.  Now check if your name is included in the list of Finishers in the Activity Leaderboard.   Click the ACTIVITY LEADERBOARD on the top left. Take note of the activity details.

8.  At Activity Leaderboard, find the Activity you are currently finished doing. You may use the Search box and type the Activity Code to find it. 

9.  At the list of Finishers, find your name if it is posted. You may use your rank or type your name in the Search box to find it.


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