1.  Open your Chrome/Mozilla browser and type the URL prodigydevcenter. com and click LOGIN in the menu.

2.  Login using the username and password given to you. This is different from the ixl.com password.  If you don’t have it, chat/PM Prodigydevcenter Facebook page.

3.  After logging in, the Welcome page displays.

4. At the Welcome page, scroll down below to the Quiz section and click the Exam assigned for the day,

5. Once the exam link is clicked, the exam module displays.

6. As you take the exam, the score and rank is updated live on right side buttons. Then, once you finish the exam, a Congratulations popup appears.

7. You may check who are the Top 12 scorers by clicking on the Trophy icon on the lower right side or by visiting the Quiz Leaderboard.

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