1.  Open your Chrome/Mozilla browser and type the URL ixl. com and enter the username and password for IXL given to you. Then Sign In.

2. Once you are logged in (you will see your name on the upper right side), click Learning menu.

3. Click on the subject assigned.

4. Go the specified Grade Level and the skills button.

5. Find the specific skills assigned. For example, Math Grade 5 – A.9, K.7, K.15.

6. Answer the exam. Make sure to get a 100 Smart score. This is a proficiency exam. The deduction for wrong answers is not just one point but maybe from 5 to 15 points. So read the explanation when you commit a wrong answer to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

7. If you commit a wrong answer, an explanation will be shown for you to study and learn. Make sure to read it. You may take a picture of the answer and explanation for your reference.

8. Make sure to get 100 Smart Score on all assigned skills before declaring DONE on the activity for the day.

9. Check the Analytics to know your progress.

10. When you are done with all the assigned Skills for the day, meaning, you have score 100 Smart Scores on ALL the assigned topics, you can now post DONE in the dashboard by going to prodigydevcenter.com Welcome page and click the DASHBOARD button.

11. Go to the Dashboard and click the Skill Building Activity menu.

12. Find the Activity for the day and click DONE all the items you have 100 Smart Scores.

13. Once the DONE button is tapped, you will be prompted to confirm if you really are done with the item. Click YES if you are done.

14. If you have all the items done, the system prompts you that you are awesome for a job well done.

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