1.   WAIT IN THE DESIGNATED FACEBOOK GROUP.  A few minutes before the start of the class, you login to your Facebook account or to your parent/guardian’s Facebook account and go to the designated Facebook group for your class. Wait for Facebook’s notification of the start of the Facebook Live. Make sure you are already a member of the Facebook group before the class starts.

2.   LOGIN FOR ATTENDANCE.  Go to Prodigydevcenter.com to login your attendance. Go to your Dashboard and click the Attendance button on the top right. Refer to the procedures within the FAQ page on how to do your attendance.

3.   WATCH AND LISTEN THE LECTURE VIA FB LIVE. At the designated time of your class, when you receive the Facebook notification of the start of the FB live, refresh the page then watch and listen to the lecture.  No unnecessary comments in the Comment section. No bullying.

4.   ANSWER AS INSTRUCTED THE QUIZZES, IXL ACTIVITIES OR INTERACTIVE LIVE QUIZ during the class period. When doing IXL activities, answer first what is assigned for the day before answering other topics of your choice.

QUIZZES – are taken live at prodigydevcenter.com. Make sure you have the username and password. The assigned quizzes to take for the day is shown during the lecture, in the FB group post, and in the Quiz section of the Welcome page. As you take the quiz, you will know your rank in relation to the whole class by looking at the RANK button on the right. There is also the live QUIZ LEADERBOARD of Top 12 scorers as you answer the exam. You may click the Trophy icon at the bottom right of the Quiz page or you may go to the Welcome page and click the QUIZ LEADERBOARD button to go to the leaderboard page. The leaderboard is live and it changes every few seconds while the exam is going on.

IXL ACTIVITIES – are taken at ixl.com. Make sure you have the username and password for this. Access to this site is given within 3 days from start of class. The assignment is given during the live lecture, in the FB group post, and in the SKILL BUILDING ACTIVITY section of the Welcome page. You need to get 100 Smart Score on all the items after which you need to click DONE in the dashboard for all the IXL skills done so that you can be recorded as FINISHERS. Do not click DONE if you are not finished with the skills yet as we can see the progress of all students. Do not cheat. What is important is that you finish the activities no matter how long the time.  We are after for learning here.  Top students usually finish the activities fast. To know the Top Finishers, just go to the Welcome page and click the ACTIVITY LEADERBOARD.

INTERACTIVE LIVE QUIZ – taken at prodigydevcenter.com. This is a one question quiz given to determine understanding of the student of the current topic being discussed.  This is a live quiz and whoever got the correct answer first will be the top scorer.   The INTERACTIVE LIVE QUIZZES and top scorers can be viewed in the Question List page.

PRACTICE TESTS – these are quizzes that you have finished taking in prodigydevcenter.com and are recreated for you to do unlimited practice to ensure proficiency and understanding.  These tests can be found in your Practice Tests menu or in the Dashboard a few days after you took the exam.  The quiz gives you the correct answer every time you give a wrong answer.  This is in lieu of giving out answer keys to all our Prodigy exams.

5.   WATCH CLOSING LECTURE.  After answering the quizzes, activities or interactive quizzes, watch again the closing lecture in Facebook for the quiz results, assignments and announcements.

6.   LOGOUT IN YOUR ATTENDANCE. Go to your Dashboard and tap the LEAVE CLASS button.

7.   CONTINUE ANSWERING QUIZZES AFTER CLASS.  You may continue your review and study by practicing in IXL.com at your preferred time. You can choose any topic you want in IXL.

8.   PREPARE for the next session.

9.   If you have questions, always chat/PM at Prodigydevcenter Facebook page.

10.  If you listen to the discussion, do all the assigned tasks and do extra study in IXL, you are guaranteed to learn a lot in the Prodigy class and even pass the Philippine Science High School NCE.

Relax and enjoy learning in Prodigy.


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